ToGoToronto gives locals the opportunity to further support local restaurants in a way that they are comfortable and safe doing whether through takeout or delivery. Businesses do not spread the virus, people do.

Torontonians are encouraged to follow COVID-19 safety measures to help reduce the virus spread.



Dine Out


Peer to Peer Hospitality

Peer to Peer Hospitality group has one simple motto - “Make Sure Everyone Leaves Happy”. Be it the patron, the employees, or the purveyors, we consider each and every interaction to be of equal importance. And we feel that the attention to every relationship is what sets us apart. It makes our restaurant and catering events experiences greater than the sum of its parts. And while we love creating beautiful atmospheres, and serving the finest food and wines in the city, it is the individual that elevates our endeavours. When it comes to our restaurants and catering events we aim to transport you and your guests for however long you join us. Away from the hum-drum of the everyday and to a place you weren’t quite sure you needed to be. When you depart, we hope you leave thrilled and excited to return. Each venue has its own soul and identity but our core tenet remains - make sure everyone leaves happy. We relish the opportunity to thrill you.