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Dine Out


Marukatsu by Aburi TORA

What is Marukatsu cuisine? This new style of approachable global fare is centred around Japanese katsu (deep-fried cutlet), combined with modern Mexican culinary influences. Initially conceptualized in Tokyo, Japan, Marukatsu serves hearty contemporary favourites such as burritos and bowls while also offering traditional Japanese comfort foods such as teishoku (meal sets). Discover new offerings such as our Marukatsu Sandwich and our selection of Teishoku meal sets, including protein choices of pork, salmon or a selection of seafood. Each Teishoku meal set is served with steamed rice, cabbage and miso soup. Aburi TORA favourites are also available. Only available via UberEats.
  • Signature Item: Our Teishoku meal set includes a choice of Japanese katsu (deep-fried cutlet) and tartar sauce. Each meal set is served with steamed rice, cabbage, and miso soup.