ToGoToronto gives locals the opportunity to further support local restaurants in a way that they are comfortable and safe doing whether through takeout or delivery. Businesses do not spread the virus, people do.

Torontonians are encouraged to follow COVID-19 safety measures to help reduce the virus spread.



Dine Out


Church of Pizza

Praise Cheeses! The Church of Pizza is here to satisfy your most pie-ous longings. Whether you prefer the purity of the Virgin Margherita or tempting chickeniness of the Bawk of Revelations, our pies are here to redeem your hunger. Enjoy a side of salvation as we absolve you of all culinary sins! Available for Takeout and Delivery. In-house delivery also available from 5pm.
Business Continuity
  • Takeout Available:
  • Delivery Available:
  • Signature Item: Pope-rroni Pie: Strictly for pepperoni lovers. Topped with a roasted garlic bulb.