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Dine Out


Burgers n' Fries Forever

  • Address: 106 John Street, Unit 2, Toronto, ON M5V 0G1
  • Phone: (416) 588-3456
We created a space with options for everyone, so you can enjoy burgers n' fries no matter where you're from. Creativity didn't mean adding a bunch of extra cheese or patties. And fries? We offer way more than a side of ketchup. That get's old quick. Don't sacrifries your dreams; life is burger that way. Equality for burgers n' fries For decades, fries have been the Robin to Batman. But we're all about equality. That's why we hand-cut our fries, double fry 'em, and come up with a ton of crazy combinations. It's our goal to give you the best burgers AND fries. We use a fresh AAA Angus halal custom beef blend, we use fresh produce, we hand-cut our PEI russet potatoes, we make our own sauces from scratch — you get the point. Truly Canadian We're a truly Canadian burgers n' fries joint. We want to be your BFF, no matter where you're from, or what you believe in. We take care of as many diverse homies as possible by offering
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  • Signature Item: BFF2: 2 AAA angus halal patties, halal beef bacon, cheddar, BFF sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions